On R&R
Recruitment and Retention

The two key challenges as well as key to success for today’s corporations: R&R. Except it has nothing to do with rest or relaxation.

Recruitment and Retention of talent are set to be critical success factors as world population changes create a smaller and less skilled workforce within the next decades. Beginning 2008, the talent pool has started to wane as the baby boom generation reaches retirement. No wonder then that Talent Management has risen to become a global issue, affecting more organisations than ever before. The world around us today is changing, particularly due to the significant technological advancement we have seen in recent years. As a result, the global market is changing along with the requirements to meet market demands: global economies are becoming intellectually based rather than commodity based.

At OCI, we understand the R&R of the talent landscape our client organizations face. Which is why we strive to unravel the mysteries that surround the worldwide market for talent management technologies, which is one of the largest booming aids that will help in the R&R of talent. Many factors are fuelling its exponential growth: a dynamic geo-economic climate that increases focus on the workforce, a changing global labour market, and the need for organizations to transform their workforce and build a climate and culture of performance and innovation, how we communicate, and how we organize the business to take advantage of the possibilities of scale on a global basis… these issues are all challenging in terms of getting the global organization to work.

Despite nearly two decades of corporate globalization efforts, many organizations still struggle to find senior talent who are comfortable and effective in the increasingly global economy. Most suffer from a lack of cultural awareness when dealing with employees and partners overseas and from a lack of experience managing increasingly complex processes over long distances. There is no doubt that some insightful corporations have made strides in developing successful global executives, but a majority of HR leaders continue to be frustrated with the limited or less diverse multi-functional skills available locally. In an effort to meet these growing needs of our clients, in 2008, we decided to expand globally.

We cannot cover the entire world in 80 days. But we decided to venture into key markets with strategic alliances that provide the greatest coverage to service our clients’ needs in North America, Europe, Middle East, Asia (focus on India and China). To date we have presence in Toronto, Montreal, Dubai, Bangalore, Pune and Madrid. This enables us to create an efficient global delivery model where we can seamlessly source talent from across the world as well as conduct local searches in these markets.

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