Bruce Cruickshank

Position: Performance Assessment & Sales Training

Bruce Cruickshank 

Performance Assessment & Sales Training


With a degree in Business Administration and more than 36 years in sales, sales management and general management, Bruce now owns and operates a successful consultancy helping to drive change through psychometric evaluations and strategic training practices.

Bruce has been responsible for developing sales departments operating primarily as order takers into high performing sales teams at leading organizations in the corporate printing, graphic design, manufacturing, and distribution sectors. 

Owning and operating EK Communications Ltd. for the last 27 years has given Bruce the opportunity to personally work with salespeople, sales managers, senior sales executives, senior executives and business owners to find their greatness within.

It is this experience coupled with his knowledge of “The Performance Equation” that allows Bruce to provide a completely unique performance management system.  One that is deeply ingrained with delivering exceptional results for clients and their people. 

At OCI Bruce provides insights into performance behaviours through psychometric evaluations and providing executive coaching and training for excellence in sales and sales management.

Bruce believes:

Every person has greatness within and can perform at an exceptional level once they understand how to self-manage their own performance.