Pia Loorits

Position: Business Consulting, Cultural Diversity

Pia Loorits

Business Consulting, Cultural Diversity


Pia is an international business consultant, trainer and coach who speaks 7 languages and is at the forefront of developing alliances between Canada and international markets. Based in Montreal travelling to markets like China, France, Netherlands and Japan, Pia works with organizations to help them manage cultural diversity in their workplace.

With an MBA in Marketing and International Business and BA in Economics, Pia has worked in senior executive roles and as trainer and coach for over 20 years in the corporate investment sector. She has led training initiatives in China, US, UK, Switzerland, Belgium, Singapore and Hong Kong.

Assisting organizations in global expansion initiatives, be it in manufacturing, R&D, import-export permits, market-ready-analysis or M&A, Pia leads cross-cultural team management training aimed at strengthening work behaviour and work co-ordination by promoting the understanding and appreciation of each other’s culture to maximize synergies within a team. To this end, she has led the cultural diversity programs at BMO (Bank of Montreal), IATA (International Air Transport Association), Nortel Networks, the City of Montreal, Beijing Modern Management Technology Exchange Center (BMMTEC), Banexi Capital Partenaires (member of BNP Paribas Group), 3-SOFT, Groupe Conseil CFC, and Shanghai Small Sized Enterprise Trade Development Service Centre.

At OCI, Pia consults in the field of cultural diversity and leads the talent acquisition and development initiatives, with a focus on Quebec, China and Eastern Europe. Committed to cultural diversity, Pia provides organizations with diversity training as one of the strategies that helps build an environment of inclusion, which is key to attracting and retaining top talent, building employee engagement, and fostering creativity and innovation.

Pia believes that:  

Respect for diversity is the fundamental principle of a harmonious workplace.