Sanjay Joshi

Position: Digital Transformation

Sanjay Joshi

Subject Matter Expert, Digital Transformation


Sanjay is a seasoned technology leader, who wears multiple hats of a management consultant, entrepreneur, corporate trainer and teacher. He has been working in the fields of Information Technology, manufacturing, health care, retail, supply chain, manufacturing, and agriculture, for over two decades.

Holding a Master’s in Economics and a Post Graduate in Business Management, Sanjay is a Mechanical Engineer by profession and a technical guru and teacher at heart. He has worked at leading technology consulting companies like Tata Consultancy Services, Infodat Inc. and Al-Hind Enterprises before venturing into the entrepreneurial space. He founded xPointers Consulting out of India, Boston Byte LLC out of Boston, USA in 2016, and Ellora Systems LLC, where he is the Chief Technology Officer.

Sanjay has been instrumental in providing digital transformation strategies to numerous organizations globally. With specialities in industry analysis, business process mapping and system analysis, a champion of emerging technologies and their applicability in today’s rapidly changing world, Sanjay currently is on the advisory panel of multiple companies in diverse industries, providing technology and management counsel and support.

At the core, Sanjay believes in making technology useful and easy to improve our lives. To this end, he is a member of ISPI (The International Society for Performance Improvement: a non-profit association for performance improvement professionals dedicated to improving individual, organizational, and societal functioning, productivity, and accomplishment in the workplace.)

With technology emerging as a transformative force and revolutionizing the way businesses communicate both internally and externally, Sanjay enables OCI and our clients to integrate strategy, process and change management solutions to transform business effectiveness with technology as his ally.  Along with his team in Boston and India, Sanjay consults on all Digital Transformation initiatives at OCI.

Sanjay believes that: 

Digital transformation is a lot more about people and a lot less about technology. The real magic happens when digital transformation changes the way people think…