Revitalizing a Not-for-Profit brand


When an Agency is part of a sector that has an umbrella corporate HR strategy, with generic tools provided for recruitment, engagement and retention, it is a challenge to rise above the crowd and distinguish itself as an “employer of choice”. 

To compound the issue, there is a shortage of skills that makes talent sourcing and attraction strategies especially among the millennials even more critical. 

Our Client: an Agency in the Development Services sector, with a new visionary leader at its helm, recognized the need to have a strong and differentiated identity which would help fulfil the need to attract acquire and retain a pool of qualified DS professionals into their Agency.


Giving the Agency a new, revitalized identity would make it stand out and help strengthen its image of being a “great place to work” in the minds of existing and prospective employees. While the ultimate purpose of the Agency’s Brand image would be to help enable it to deliver on the Agency’s overall strategic business plan, there would be a strong link with both its Corporate and HR strategy of:

  • Attracting and recruiting talent
  • Addressing shortages of talent
  • Improving the retention rate
  • Improving employee engagement, commitment and performance


With the baseline of the Agency’s Employer Brand being its Corporate Brand, we identified a need to develop a rebranding strategy leading to a revamp of its brand name, and visual identity. The corporate branding initiative would be completed before commencing the employer branding strategy. 

Once the Corporate Branding with all of its visual identity components of the Agency was “broadcast” publicly, and its corporate brand was easily identifiable, it was anticipated that making the mark on future employees would help establish the Agency’s reputation of being “an employer of choice”. 

Our approach dovetailed with the idea that the Agency’s employer brand shouldn’t be implemented in a vacuum, and it shouldn’t be in contrast with its corporate brand. If executed properly, its employer brand could actually be amplified by its corporate brand, and vice versa. Our process involved conducting a series of workshops and think-tank sessions involving and gaining acceptance of all key staff and Board members to formulate a Brand Value Proposition culminating into a unique and ownable Brand Footprint. 


With the expertise of our Brand Design partner Changing Sky, our Client’s Branding Program was activated in stages, bringing life to the Agency Brand visually across a variety of touchpoints. A vibrant visual identity via a new logo design and a tagline that embraced the values of the Agency was born, that was unique among the sector. A complete Brandbook with guidelines on future messaging lay the foundation for a revitalized website of the Agency, which promises to distinguish the Agency in the sector as an “employer of choice”.